Family education is the beginning of education and is related to the healthy growth of minors and the happiness and tranquility of the family.

Recently, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress voted to pass the Family Education Promotion Law, and the new law will come into effect on January 1, 2022.

  Behind every "bear child", there are almost always a pair of failed parents.

In view of the profound influence of family education on the growth of children, the promulgation of the Family Education Promotion Law has won universal support from the public.

As a middle school teacher, I heard heartfelt cheers from many colleagues around me.

  "The root of the world lies in the country, and the root of the country lies at home." As China's social transformation speeds up, the traditional family structure and functions have undergone profound changes, and the problems in family education have become increasingly prominent.

The promulgation of the Family Education Promotion Law defines the content of family education in a legal way, clarifying at the legal level that family education is not only a “family affair” but also an important “state affair”.

Family education certainly requires the common attention of the whole society, but the cooperation between school and family is undoubtedly the key issue.

For a long time, schools and teachers have attached great importance to home-school communication, guiding parents to do a good job in family education.

Many teachers often ridicule themselves not only to educate students, but also to educate parents.

  Although most parents actively cooperate with teachers and strive to work together with home and school to educate their children, there are also a small number of parents that make teachers very helpless: one is that they don’t know how to educate their children, but they don’t want to listen to (or don’t listen to) the teacher’s advice. If something goes wrong, the school and the teacher will be blamed; the other is that the main body of family education has a weak sense of responsibility, or even just let it go.

Whether you don’t care or don’t want to care, or both, the biggest victims are ultimately children.

  In the face of the above-mentioned types of parents, no matter how hard a teacher does, it will be difficult to be effective.

Although laws and regulations such as the Law on the Protection of Minors also require guardians to undertake obligations and perform educational duties, it is not a special legislation after all, and there is a lack of specific rules.

This situation is expected to be changed after the introduction of the Family Education Promotion Law.

The new law not only provides detailed regulations in terms of family responsibilities, state support, and social coordination, but also provides guiding regulations on the content and methods of family education, and establishes a set of working mechanisms to promote it.

  For example, parents or other guardians who fail or improperly perform their family education responsibilities not only have to bear the corresponding legal consequences. In the process of handling the case, the public, procuratorate and judicial organs find that minors have serious bad behaviors or commit crimes, but they must also be based on the situation. The guardian shall be admonished, and he may be ordered to receive family education and guidance.

Parents who are born without teaching or teach improperly should wake up!

  The problems that arise in children are often the result of improper parent education.

The "bear child" who went astray is inseparable from the "bear parent".

Recently, the media revealed that an evil gang with an average age of only 17 years old in Balinzuo Banner, Inner Mongolia, is quite alarming.

The gang had 19 defendants (8 were underage at the time of the crime) and committed 45 rape crimes in less than two years.

The 23-year-old main criminal Wang Ling was charged with raping 29 women, 28 of whom were underage, and 10 of the victims were young girls under the age of 14, which was heinous.

  According to media analysis, many people in the gang come from divorced families, or their parents work outside the country all year round. The lack of family education is a common feature of these misguided young people.

The "little devil" is not born, nor does it grow up suddenly. If family education can be used in a timely manner and given the correct guidance during the growth process, the situation may be completely different.

  The rise of family education from "family affairs" to "state affairs" is of course inseparable from the joint efforts of the whole society.

To this end, the Family Education Promotion Law stipulates the responsibilities of governments and relevant departments at all levels, and encourages institutions of higher learning to offer family education courses to cultivate family education professionals. It also requires family style construction to be incorporated into unit cultural construction and support employees to participate in family education. Activity.

  Hu Xinhong Source: China Youth Daily

  Version 02 on October 27, 2021