• Meditating 30 minutes a day, the most effective way to take care of your mental health

Mindfulness, an ancient Buddhist practice, is currently one of the best ways to combat anxiety and stress generated by the hectic pace of everyday life, especially in these months when people are trying to recover normality by leaps and bounds. that truncated the pandemic. After that break, "returning to work generates physical and mental difficulties, and


can help overcome them, because it fights


, relieves stress and increases


", highlights Wily Gómez, director of the Sun and Moon Yoga and Meditation Center .

According to experts, this discipline consists of


at all times on what is being done, thinking only about the


and removing from our mind the 'futuribles' that make noise, those of which we are not certain and that we cannot control.

A task that can be applied to practically any area of

daily life

, from work to treating a disease, and although it seems simple, it is not at all: getting it takes time and dedication.

How Mindfulness Helps With Stress

Mindfulness, like everything else, has its technique and is trained.

If we want to achieve results, we must start by "

reducing stress levels

little by little, to regain control of our life," explains Silvia Fuentes, kinesiologist and expert in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence at Sileiahterapias.

The goal is to apply this mindset focused on the present in all everyday situations in life, something that in the long run makes you feel better,

calm and relaxed


Manage anxiety with mindfulness

Facing new challenges always generates nerves and



Practicing mindfulness relieves these symptoms and generates calm because doing so reduces the levels of cortisol, the hormone that is released in situations of anxiety.

We also manage to lower

blood pressure

and take care of our cardiovascular system, in fact, according to the Spanish Heart Foundation, its practice can reduce the risk of

heart attack or stroke by

almost 50%.

What are mindfulness techniques

Mindfulness means mindfulness,



And it is not only an exercise, it can be considered a philosophy of life.

It is a technique that combines

relaxation and meditation


to focus the mind on the here and now, which helps avoid tension.

Everything, learning to control the



How to do mindfulness

One of the greatest experts in meditation, Agustín Vidal, instructor of the meditation podcast at the Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri hotel, gives us the three keys to approach this technique:


- "deeply, little by little; when we do it we find clarity and tranquility ", he affirms-,


-" By doing it consciously we fill the body with oxygen and our body is placed in balance, which allows us to be more patient, react better to problems and adopt a proactive attitude to solve them "- and


about your objective.

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