Does personal development really mean good to us?

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Can the individual be made 100% responsible for his destiny?

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By: Amélie Beaucour

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There are more and more books devoted to personal development on the shelves of bookstores and libraries.

Books that promise us a form of well-being and encourage us to become a better individual.


It appears in the background an injunction issued to each of us: “if we want, we can”.

The individual is made 100% responsible for his destiny, his job, his health ... Can we read a political ideology advocating the exploitation of oneself by oneself?



Thierry Jobard

, author of 

Against personal development

 (Rue de l'hiquier, 2021)

Rémy Pawin

, historian, history and geography teacher at the Lycée Louise Michel in Bobigny in the Paris region.

Author of 

History of Happiness in France since 1945

(Robert Laffont) 

A focus from 

Nicolas Rocca

, our correspondent in Seoul, South Korea, on nunchi, a 5,000-year-old concept, still extremely present in Korean society and often presented by the Western press as the secret of community happiness. 

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- Danakil 


- Emma Peters 


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