Amid the revelations that he was sexually harassed and gaslighted by singer P from the special forces, trot singer Park Gun, who was designated as the perpetrator, completely denied the allegations and suggested legal action.

On the night of the 22nd, an article titled 'I was gaslighted by singer P from the special forces' was posted on an online community. Writer A said, "I can't do anything on my own, so I've been thinking about it for several months, and after seeing the exposure of the popular actor K, I also got up the courage to write."

Person A, who revealed that he was a senior in the same agency as P, said, "Singer P is loved by many for his pure and sincere appearance on TV. Although his image is packed as a solid young man, he uses his becoming a star as a weapon. He was a person who unilaterally harassed and molested me.”

He continued, "(P) touched my buttocks and chest without permission." "It was almost impossible for a powerless woman to push away sexual harassment from a man from special forces. We have strategically raised the level of sexual harassment and harassment.”

Also, Mr. A said, "P shows off his popularity and tells stories of the entertainment industry, saying that he feeds the company and that he has to show himself well if he wants to have a social life at his current agency. He also said that it would be good to date himself. There were times when I wondered, 'Isn't it good for me if we're really dating?'“I found out about ‘gaslighting’ too late,” he said.

Mr. A complained of pain, "Every time I see his face, I get angry and my teeth tremble, but I'm also scared. As I think of what happened to him, my heart tightens, and I feel pain and nausea." We plan to file a complaint with evidence.”

Person A did not reveal singer P's real name in the article, but based on clues such as 'a singer from the special forces', 'I gave up a pension of 3 billion won and left the army', and 'appeared in an audition program', singer Park became P. was nominated

Park's side immediately responded to this.

On the 23rd, Park's side completely denied the allegations, saying, "It is not true at all."

He said, "It seems that the former agency, which is having a dispute over the issue of the termination of the exclusive contract, is encouraging and harming the female singer."

On the other hand, Park Gun, a singer who made his debut with 'Have a Drink', received a lot of attention for his 15 years of service as a special forces soldier.

After appearing in SBS' 'Trotsin Outing 2', he raised his awareness, and after that, he received a lot of love by appearing in entertainment programs such as 'My Little Old Boy' and 'Steel Troop'.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)

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