• How to walk so that in 20 minutes of exercise a day you burn 40% more calories

Walking is one of the simplest and most beneficial physical exercises for health since in a pleasant way and almost without realizing it, we activate circulation and improve

cardiovascular health

. "In addition, it is an activity that everyone can do, regardless of their physical form, which allows something essential when it comes to maintaining


combining enjoyment and sport," explains an expert on the subject, Jesús Hernández, personal trainer. by BluaU de Sanitas.

If we add to this that the


is done on

mountain routes

, where the terrain is not flat, but has elevations and unevenness, the benefit is double, says Hernández, since we also help to

strengthen the muscles


And one last note that the personal trainer gives us: "The instability component prevents injuries by improving our stability and body awareness."

Reasons to go trekking in the fall

In addition to the

physical benefits

, trekking offers "numerous advantages on a psychological level", says Jesús Hernández, "because it allows you to practice it with your family or friends and at the same time enjoying nature."

And one more point in its favor, it is a



, therefore there is little risk of injury.

However, "we must always dedicate some time to

planning the route

and make sure that it adjusts to our level, adapting the pace, duration and route to our particular conditions," he warns.

Trekking in autumn: before hiking ...

Although trekking is simple and does not require a great state of form, "it is necessary to have an


physical level

that allows you to endure the trek without problems or


" says Jesús Hernández.

For this reason, before embarking on the adventure, one must take into account "the difficulty of the routes, the unevenness they present, their duration and the weather, something essential to enjoy the mountain safely", says the expert.

To avoid injuries, it is advisable to ask for

professional advice

in case of any doubt and to always be aware of the particular limits: "It is vital to choose the


according to the characteristics of each participant," Hernández warns.

Tips and precautions for safe trekking

  • As in almost any sport, it is important to start small.

    Sedentary people should start with simple routes that do not contain too many changes in slope and of short duration to allow the body to




  • It is important to use good


    that favors a good footprint, supports the foot correctly and ensures grip on the uneven surface of the ground, thus reducing the risk of injury to the


    or heels.

    In this sense, boots with a rubber sole are the best.

  • Along with good footwear, it is important to pay attention to technique when walking.

    On most routes there are steep slopes that should be descended by taking small steps to reduce the impact on the



    When it comes to uphill slopes, the ideal is to walk in a zigzag to avoid



    and protect the knees.

  • In this sense,


    poles are very useful

    : they help to walk firmly, to maintain


    and safety and to distribute the footprint, avoiding overloading the legs and back.

  • Although they may seem simple,



    usually require some physical effort, so



    will be essential


  • Along with the water, it is advisable to bring some


    to recharge energy in the middle of the walk.

    Pack nuts, some fruit, or a small snack.

  • Take



    , of a few minutes, every so often.

    They help make the route more bearable while allowing the muscles to rest.

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