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At the end of autumn the garden of

Navarra experiences

moments of splendor. Artichokes, green beans, peas or beans are very good for the first cold; That is why they are the protagonists of this season and the basis of many of the best recipes by Donostiarra chef

Ander González

, who in addition to collaborating with the

Basque Culinary Center

owns the



in San Sebastián, awarded with a

Repsol Sol,

and presents the program

'A Bocados'

by the EITB, audience leader in the Basque Country.

Among his latest projects, a careful selection of recipes that feature frozen vegetables, with the aim of saving time in the kitchen and making things easier for lazy people. Specifically, with those of the



, which come directly from the garden of


. "Quality, flavor and practicality are key in the kitchen. Eating vegetables is not at odds with spending a lot of time cooking and betting on frozen ones, which retain all their


, it is an infallible trick to eat healthy and rich," he says. the chef.

To prove it, this recipe for

beans with clams

, a key dish in

Basque gastronomy

that cooks in the easiest way and in just a few minutes.

Eating with the Sol Repsol category has never been so easy.

Here, the step by step.

Pochas with clams, a recipe by chef Ander González

Pochas with clams, ingredients

Minced garlic, olive oil, salt, sweet paprika, 2 potatoes, salt, clams, txakolí, half a bag of frozen sofrito, a bag of beans and chives.

Pochas with clams, step by step

In a saucepan we put a little oil to heat with half a bag of


until poached, along with a tablespoon of

sweet paprika

. Next, we put the potato in pieces, the beans and sauté. Add a pinch of salt, cover the entire contents of the casserole with water and let it boil until the


are cooked. At that moment we remove the potatoes and together with a little cooking broth, we

mash them

until it has a pureed texture. Then, in a frying pan with oil, sauté a tablespoon of minced garlic, add the clams and a drizzle of


. When


are open, add our sauce with beans and cover everything with the mashed potato until it boils.

We finished with a touch of chives.

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