Alexis Patri 3:00 p.m., October 24, 2021

At the microphone of Isabelle Morizet in the program "There is not only one life in life" Sunday, the singer-songwriter Laurent Voulzy looks back on his personal and professional career.

And in particular the tour which he begins in the churches and cathedrals of France, rooms whose acoustics which oblige him to some arrangements.


Laurent Voulzy resumes his tour in the churches and cathedrals of France.

A show where he combines his passion for mysticism with a selection of songs that have made him successful throughout his career.

But a show that also forces him to rethink his compositions, in order to adapt to the particular acoustics of the place, very different from that of the concert halls he is used to.

This is what the artist explains on Sunday on Europe 1, on the occasion of her invitation to Isabelle Morizet's show, in the show 

There is not only one life in life


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"There are two constraints when playing in a church. Most cathedrals, of course, are not perfect for pop music. At least not for drums and bass. It can quickly sound like mush," warns L 'singer-songwriter.

"You have to make this pop music soft and you have to respect the place. So you have to choose the repertoire well and make arrangements according to the place, which is not neutral."

"In a cathedral, there is life even without people"

The new arrangements and the places with the particular spirit of this tour shake up the habits of Laurent Voulzy.

"When you go into a zenith in the afternoon to come and rehearse, it's cold. There's nothing, it's empty. It comes alive with people," he says.

"Whereas in a cathedral there is life without people. It is inhabited."

"In these places, certain songs take on a new dimension, to such an extent that I am sometimes surprised myself", he explains, specifying that he does not want to believe that he is falling into complacency.

"There are times when I become a spectator of songs, because of the light, because of what I see when I sing. It's pretty impressive."

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