Under the system that limits the operation period of the nuclear power plant to 40 years in principle, in June, Kansai Electric Power's Mihama Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 in Fukui Prefecture, which restarted for the first time in Japan for more than 40 years, was released in June. From the 23rd, we stopped power generation and transmission and started regular inspections.

Forty-four years after the start of operation, Kansai Electric Power's Mihama Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 passed a special inspection under a system that limits the operating period created after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant to 40 years in principle. It restarted in June.

Normally, it will continue to operate for more than a year, but at Unit 3, the construction of the anti-terrorism facility, which is obligatory to install in the country, was delayed and it will not be completed by the deadline of 25th, so Kansai Electric Power will generate electricity on the 23rd. We stopped power transmission and started regular inspections.

The construction of counter-terrorism facilities is time-limited, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will order the shutdown of nuclear power plants if they cannot be constructed by the required deadline for each nuclear power plant.

According to Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., the facility is expected to be completed around September next year, and we hope to resume operation of Unit 3 in the middle of October the following year.

In addition, in this periodic inspection, in order to investigate the effects of radiation on the reactor, in addition to taking out the metal pieces for testing in the reactor, 48 out of 157 nuclear fuels will be replaced.

This brings the total number of nuclear power plants in operation in Fukui Prefecture to four.

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