British supermarkets disguise empty shelves by posting photos and drawings of missing products.

Fake packaging is also used so that it does not look so empty, British media report.

Tesco have the fake asparagus out this morning


Author hitlondonMoment of places09: 39 - October 22, 2021

Examples can be found on social media, such as images of asparagus in the vegetable boxes of supermarket chain Tesco.

At Sainsbury's, the pasta shelves have cardboard boxes with silhouettes of foodstuffs on them.

They don't even try to make it look real, one consumer sneers on



The shortages in supermarkets have several causes, such as the lack of truck drivers due to the British departure from the European Union and higher fuel prices.

The growing need for products in Great Britain and elsewhere due to the end of the strict corona measures also plays a role.