Alicia Silverstone hasn't really had a great experience with dating apps.

“A few years ago, I tried putting myself on a dating app and made a fake profile because I wasn't comfortable being there in person.

And my profile was deleted, I was banned, ”the actress told Drew Barrymore on her show.

However, the



didn't dismantle and tried his luck again, this time assuming his identity.

But unfortunately, fate fell on the actress.

A lot of courage

“I found the courage to do it because I heard you [Drew Barrymore] was on it, and Sharon Stone was too.

I thought to myself, “If they can be on this, I can too”.

So I went back with my real identity, which took a lot of courage, ”continued Alicia Silverstone.

The ace.

“I had a date scheduled with someone, and the day I logged in to set up the date, I was banned.

The poor boy… ”she added.

Alicia Silverstone split from her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki in 2018 after 13 years of marriage.

They had a son, Bear Blu, who is now 10 years old.



Sharon Stone is doing very well on dating apps

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