(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Zunyi, Guizhou: Case transmission chain is clear and the epidemic is generally controllable

  China News Service, Zunyi, Guizhou, October 23 (Qu Honglun and Yuan Chao) "From the current round of Zunyi, the transmission chain of the cases found so far is clear, and the intergenerational relationship is clear. All second-generation cases are tested during the centralized isolation period by close contacts. It is found that the epidemic is generally controllable, but there is still a risk of transmission in a certain range.” Li Xie, deputy mayor of the Zunyi Municipal People’s Government, said at a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Zunyi on the 23rd.

  According to reports, as of now, Zunyi City has investigated a total of 225 close contacts of confirmed cases, and 187 people have been under control. All of them have been sampled and tested. The results were 181 negative and 6 positive (including 1 confirmed case and 5 asymptomatic infections). ); There are 1568 people in close contact. The city has controlled 1,337 people, and Zunyi has controlled 231 people outside the city.

Sampling and testing of 1182 persons, 155 persons to be collected, 1182 persons with negative results have been reported, and the remaining results are pending.

There were 1037 general contacts, 1037 people sampled, and 1037 people tested negative.

52 close contacts of asymptomatic infections were detected. 52 people have been controlled in this city, all of which have been sampled and tested. The results of 33 people are negative, and the remaining results are pending; 149 people have been closely connected, 149 people have been controlled in this city, and all have been sampled In the test, 88 people have reported negative results.

Data map: The inspectors of the Huichuan District Center for Disease Control and Prevention are testing nucleic acids.

Photo by Qu Honglun

  As of 8 o'clock on October 23, 783,141 nucleic acid samples were expanded in key areas of Zunyi City, and 501,692 were tested with negative results. The remaining samples are being tested.

Among them, the central four urban areas are: Huichuan District sampled 314,693 person-times and detected 186055 person-times; Honghuagang District sampled 230,674 person-times and detected 159,606 person-times; Bozhou District sampled 36,387 person-times and 16612 person-times tested; Xinpu New District sampled 27,854 person-times and detected 13,404 person-times Person times.

The tested results are all negative, and the remaining results are to be released.

  Zunyi officials previously issued a notice stating that in order to ensure the safety and health of the people in Zunyi, according to the needs of scientific prevention and control of the epidemic, Zunyi will be in the central city (Honghuagang District, Huihui District) three times from October 23 to October 27, 2021. Sichuan District, Banzhou District, Xinpu New District) organize nucleic acid testing for all employees.

  Li Xie said that there are two main considerations for launching the nucleic acid test for all employees in the downtown area of ​​Zunyi. Check.

Second, in the nucleic acid detection process, there is a risk that a very small number of people will not be detected, which is likely to cause a small probability of missed detection.

When the above two factors are superimposed on the 2.3 million population base in Zunyi's central city, it will be difficult to screen all infected people.

  Li Xie said that carrying out nucleic acid testing for all employees in the central city area and implementing precise prevention and control of cases of new coronary pneumonia and asymptomatic infections as soon as possible will help the residents of the central city area to restore normal life and production order as soon as possible.

  At present, Guizhou Province has deployed a unified testing force, and selected elite troops to fully support the central city of Zunyi, including 1,700 people from the provincial level and 3,196 people from the cities and counties.

Nucleic acid testing for all employees in the central city area consists of 16 local testing institutions in the central city of Zunyi, 8 provincial-level mobile nucleic acid testing laboratories, and 10 testing institutions within Guiyang City.


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