At present,

Hunan Yau

county reported one case of Changsha City crown back Yau new virus nucleic acid detection positive person

, epidemic prevention and control work is facing the grim situation, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and effectively protect people's lives and safety and health, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and relevant Youxian According to the regulations, the announcement on strengthening the county's epidemic prevention and control work is as follows:

  1. Strictly control the leaving of the county in Yau.

Starting at 0:00 on October 23, all personnel in Youxian will not leave Youxian County in the near future.

If they really need to leave Youxian for important matters, they

must provide a valid nucleic acid test negative certificate within 24 hours.

  2. Strictly implement the "home order".

Starting from October 23,

all residents

except those engaged in epidemic prevention and control, emergency management, enterprise production, construction of engineering projects, medical security and related emergency official duties,

will rest at home for 2 days.

The county suspends various on-site meetings and group activities to reduce the gathering of people.

  3. Strictly manage access to public places.

All tourist attractions, scenic spots, amusement parks, indoor enclosed entertainment venues, movie theaters, religious sites, urban farmer's markets and other

places where people gather in the


are temporarily closed.

Shopping malls, supermarkets and other public places and public transportation must strictly implement prevention and control measures such as checking the "two codes" (health code, itinerary code), measuring body temperature, and wearing masks.

The county's government agencies, enterprises, institutions, business units, and residences are guarded at the entrances and exits for 24 hours, actively intensify the investigation of people involved in the epidemic, and implement epidemic control measures.

Suspend all offline education, teaching, outings and training activities in all primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and off-campus training institutions throughout the county.

  4. Strictly implement normalized epidemic prevention and control measures for all employees.

The majority of residents should attach great importance to personal and family protection, wash hands frequently, ventilate more, and maintain healthy living habits and a good living environment.

When going out, you must wear a mask all the way and consciously maintain a safe distance of "one meter line".

Always pay close attention to the detailed activity trajectories of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and asymptomatic infections. Once the trajectories are found to overlap, they must be reported to the unit and community (village) as soon as possible.

Always pay attention to the health of yourself and your family members. Once symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, decreased sense of smell (taste), and diarrhea appear, take personal protection immediately, avoid taking public transportation, and go to the nearest fever clinic or designated medical treatment in time Institutional investigation, diagnosis and treatment.

All residents of the county will consciously accept nucleic acid sampling and testing nearby to rule out personal and family risks.

  5. Strictly implement the "quartet responsibilities".

All levels and departments and all sectors of society must strictly implement the responsibilities for prevention and control of territories, departments, units, and individuals, and strictly accountability and accountability for public officials who do not perform their duties seriously and cause passive prevention and control work in accordance with disciplines and regulations.

Refusing to implement epidemic prevention and control regulations, spreading rumors, disturbing social order, and other acts that undermine the overall prevention and control of prevention and control, shall be investigated and punished in accordance with laws and regulations.

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