Carmen Lopez, director of the Geophysical Observatory National, has realized a fact that invites us

to think that the


of the



La Palma

goes for long: the measurement of emissions of sulfur dioxide in the area of the


showed Friday worth

28,745 tons

, when it would have to oscillate between 100 and 500 a day to think about a remission.


Decisive hours to know the future of La Laguna and other neighborhoods evacuated by the La Palma volcano

The next few hours will be decisive to know the future of

La Laguna

and other adjacent neighborhoods, both of

Los Llanos

as neighboring


evacuated since last Wednesday before the uncertain progress of lava from the



La Palma


The two streams that on Wednesday moved forward with speed and joined into one in the

La Laguna


are practically stopped but

are receiving "a lot of lava input"

at the rear, as confirmed by thermal imaging cameras.

The scientific committee of the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands (Pevolca) foresees that sooner or later this wash, which has been gaining in height and width, will continue its approach to the sea.

There are two options: go south and go around the mountain of La Laguna, or, on the contrary,

skip the existing basins and obliterate the last evicted neighborhoods

: Las Martelas, Marina Alta, Marina Baja, Cuesta Zapata, San Borondón and The Countess.

At the moment, the front of this wash is detained at the La Laguna school, which is acting as a "wall" of containment, and in the vicinity of the church square.

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The lava flow stops at the La Laguna school, which acts as a containment "wall"

Cumbre ViejaVolcán on La Palma, last minute live |

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