A draft job protection plan (PSE) providing for the elimination of around thirty jobs threatens the existence of thirty regional stations out of 71 of the Virgin Radio and RFM networks, warn the CGT Régions and CFDT-SNME Régions unions.

In detail, the Lagardère group, owner of the Virgin Radio and RFM networks, plans to "close 30 of its 71 stations in the regions (26 Virgin Radio and 4 RFM) and to cut 34 positions: 30 journalists and 4 presenters", specify the two unions, in a statement.

"To justify its project, the management of the two radio stations evokes an overall drop in listening to radio stations, specifically music radio stations in competition with streaming platforms", they develop.

The file awaiting examination by the CSA

According to the inter-union, "the erratic management of the Lagardère group, on the other hand, is enough to explain this sinking that the other major generalist radios have not known".

Asked by AFP, the Lagardère group, in the bosom of billionaire Vincent Bolloré, declined to comment.

"We are asking for the maintenance of all the stations in order to maintain a territorial network which corresponds to the specifications defined with the Superior council of audio-visual", affirmed an inter-union source to AFP.

For the time being, the implementation of the job protection plan remains suspended from the examination of the file by the CSA, explains the same source.


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