The two have been civilly connected for almost a year.

Corona, however, has so far prevented Prince Philippos of Greece and his wife Nina, née Flohr, from marrying in church and with their families and friends.

The two will do that on Saturday - in Athens, where Philippos' father once sat on the throne.

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Prince Philip is the youngest son of the last king of the Hellenes. Constantine II sat on the throne from 1964 to 1973. He has never abdicated, but the eighty-one-year-old, who was banned from his homeland for a long time but has been allowed to live in Greece again for several years, no longer believes that he, or his eldest son Paul after him, will ascend the throne again will. The former Crown Prince Paul, born in 1967, is much older than Philippos, born in 1986, who has three other siblings in addition to his brother.

Unlike her father, who married Queen Margrethe II's younger sister, Anne-Marie of Denmark, Philippos chose a commoner. His wife is the daughter of Swiss billionaire Thomas Flohr, who was a racing driver at a young age but is now a businessman and, among other things, founder of the private airline VistaJet. The business magazine Forbes estimated his fortune three years ago at around 2.4 billion Swiss francs.

Nina Flohr's mother Katharina, who separated from her husband at an early age, initially worked as a journalist, including for Russian Vogue, and is now the creative director of Fabergé.

Daughter Nina, who grew up with her father after her parents separated, joined his father's company and works as a creative director for VistaJet.

The thirty-four-year-old has also realized her own projects, such as the luxury resort Kisawa Sanctuary, which is located on the island of Benguerra, 14 kilometers off the coast of Mozambique.

A night in a bungalow there costs at least 5000 euros.

Clever marriage policy

Prince Philip, who lives with his wife in Cambridge, is of course also a descendant of the British Queen Victoria, the "grandmother of Europe", and also of the so-called "father-in-law of Europe", Christian IX. He was King of Denmark at the end of the 19th century. Almost all families of the ruling houses that were still or once ruled go back to these two, hence their nicknames. Christian IX is not only the great-great-grandfather of today's Danish Queen Margrethe II and the Norwegian King Harald V. Thanks to its clever marriage policy, little Denmark achieved almost world renown 150 years ago: One daughter married the British heir to the throne, one the future Russian tsar, and one the crown prince of the Kingdom of Hanover, and his son Georg took the Greek throne,as the successor of the Wittelsbacher Otto, the first king of the Hellenes. He was overthrown in 1862 and chased back to Bavaria. He was followed in 1863 by Georg I from the Danish-German house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg.

His great-grandson Constantine II had to ascend the throne a century later at the age of just 23. In general, his inexperience is also considered to be one of the reasons why the comparatively young monarchy was unable to survive in Greece. In 1967 the military staged a coup and Constantine went into exile. In 1973 the monarchy in Greece was abolished. After that, the former king was only allowed to travel to the country once for several decades, in 1981 for the funeral of his mother, Friederike von Hannover. For years Konstantin, who in the meantime only had a Danish passport, fought over his inheritance and the family's possessions in Greece. He even went to the European Court of Human Rights.In 2004 he paid an official visit to Athens again for the first time during the Olympic Games and was received by the then President Konstantinos Stephanopoulos in his residence, which was once the palace of Constantine.

There is speculation about the guest list

The former royal couple has been living permanently in Greece again since 2013.

The youngest son will now get married in the same church where his parents said yes 57 years ago, in the Cathedral of the Annunciation, the seat of the Orthodox Archbishop of Athens, between the Acropolis and Syntagma Square.

There is still speculation about who will take part.

What is certain is that Philippos' aunt, his father's sister, is coming with his cousin: Queen Sofía of Spain and Infanta Elena.

Members of the Danish royal family are also expected.

And relatives of the British royals will certainly not be missing either: After all, Philippos was named after his godfather, after Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who, like him, was a prince of Greece and Denmark.

His second godfather, however, will certainly not be there: King Juan Carlos I has been avoiding his wife Sofía for a long time.

Philippos' godmother, who died in a car accident 24 years ago, will also be missing: Princess Diana.

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