• TF1 broadcasts on Saturday 23 October, from 9:05 p.m., the final of

    The Voice All Stars


  • Six singers and singers are in the running.

    They will sing duets with Ed Sheeran, Clara Luciani, Soprano, Nolwenn Leroy, Amel Bent and Garou.

  • If Anne Sila is a favorite, nothing is settled.

Who will be the star among the "all stars"?

Saturday evening, on TF1, the anniversary season of

The Voice

will deliver its verdict.

Six finalists can claim the trophy of this competition where neither sum of money nor contract with a record company is to be won.

A gala competition during which Ed Sheeran, Clara Luciani, Soprano, Nolwenn Leroy, Amel Bent and Garou will share a duet with the talents.

Review the strengths and weaknesses of each and every one of them.

  • Anne Sila, the favorite

By collecting 78% of the votes in the semifinals against the serious contenders for victory that were Flo Malley and Gjon's Tears, Anne Sila confirmed her status as big favorite.

But let's remember that, during her first participation in season 4, the trophy seemed to open her arms wide and then, in the final, she had bowed to the outsider Lilian Renaud who had gleaned more than half (52 %) of public votes.

She had to be satisfied with a third of the votes (34%).


The Voice

, the outcomes are never written in advance.

All the more for women: in ten classic seasons, only three singers - Maëlle, Whitney and Marghe have emerged.

  • Louis Delort, the water that sleeps?

At the start of the all-star competition he was, on paper, a big favorite.

Nice voice, nice face, Louis had finished second in the very first season ten years ago.

Since then, he has gained in maturity, serenity and experience.

A quiet force that has somewhat stalled in the semi-finals.

During the group stage, he lost to MB14.

His choice of songs,

The Human



, may have been too classic to stand out.

However, he won his place in the final thanks to the repechage.

By giving him a second chance, the public is telling him that they still have expectations in him.

  • MB14, for the surprise

The winner of Louis Delort is not in the final by chance.

With his reinterpretation

of Led Zeppelin's

Stairway to Heaven

, which he walked between lyrical and rap, he amazed the audience.

With him, you never know what to expect and it is in his ability to surprise that his strength lies.

He seems to be able to adapt any song to his sauce without it sounding like crazy delirium or nerdy calculation.

But by taking songs known in his particular universe, he also runs the risk of too much destabilizing the purists of the melodies.

  • Amalya, the engaged

In the semifinals, she beat the excellent Dominique Magloire and Victoria - who undoubtedly lost points for having taken back

I love him to die

more in strength than in tenderness.

After singing

Earth Song

, Amalya said how much she cared about the environmental message of this song.

At the cross-battles, opposed to Atef, she took the microphone to express her happiness to be back on stage.

“It was not fair play for Atef, she admitted to Gala.

In fact, the public votes until the last second, and although my approach was sincere, I thought it was not cool for them to have spoken like this.

She is the vocal singer of this finale.

  • Terence, the outsider

Let's be honest, on paper, among the fifty candidates in the running for this “all stars” edition, we would not necessarily have imagined Terence in the final Top 6.

Not that he has no talent, but artists like Al. Hy, Olympe or Dominique Magloire - who have already left the adventure - seemed to be obvious finalists.

Terence therefore thwarted the predictions.

He did well in the semifinals against Antoine Galey and Will Barber by delivering an astonishing cover of

I Will Always Love You


Whitney Houston's song was almost unrecognizable, re-orchestrated like a generic of a "James Bond".

What if Terence created a surprise all the way?

  • Manon, the “kid” not to be overlooked

The 18-year-old Marseillaise is the only ex-candidate of

The Voice Kids

to have broken through in the final.

Ironically, the youngest of the competition landed her place for the ultimate direct by eliminating two well-experienced talents: Anthony Touma, star in Lebanon, and Demi-Mondaine, who opened her Cabaret des monstres in Paris on Wednesday.

His cover of

I come from the South

by Michel Sardou but Chimène Badi version was all in all classic and applied but effective.

Manon has nothing to lose and everything to gain in the final, starting with proving that value does not wait for the number of years.


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