China News Service, Beijing, October 23 (Xu Jing) On the 23rd, the Beijing New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group held a meeting to propose strict social prevention and control, suspension of inter-provincial travel, and in-transit teams to strengthen epidemic prevention management.

Reduce large-scale meetings, forums and other gathering activities, and closed places such as community chess and card rooms are temporarily closed.

  From 0 am to 11 am on the 23rd, Beijing added 3 newly confirmed cases of local new coronary pneumonia associated with outside Beijing.

As of 11:00 on October 23, a total of 7 confirmed cases have been reported in Changping District, Beijing, Hongfuyuan Community in Beiqijia Town, Changping District has been adjusted to a high-risk area, and the rest of the city is a low-risk area.

  On the morning of the 23rd, the 128th meeting of the Beijing Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic and the 79th meeting of the Capital’s Strictly Entering Beijing Management Joint Prevention and Control Coordination Mechanism was held.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to fully recognize the severity and complexity of the epidemic situation, and make epidemic prevention and control the current priority.

At present, the biggest risk is the contact persons who overlap with the movement space and trajectory of the case. The most important thing is to lock down the close contacts and sub-close contacts as soon as possible, quickly implement control measures, and resolutely manage and control potential risks.

  The meeting pointed out that the city's large-scale investigation should be in-depth and meticulous, and the community should carry out a "knock on the door" to ensure that no blind spots are left.

Perform health surveillance on people with a history of residence in a county (city, district, banner) where one or more infected persons are located within 14 days.

Strictly control the entry gates of Beijing, and strengthen investigation and control of civil aviation, railway, and entry checkpoints in Beijing.

Strengthen nucleic acid testing in key areas and key populations, maintain site order, and prevent crowds.

  The meeting emphasized the need for strict social prevention and control.

Implement the remote control and emergency response mechanism for infected persons outside Beijing. At present, prefecture-level cities with one or more infected persons and those who have lived in the area within 14 days and are waiting to return to Beijing will be warm through the health treasure pop-up window. Prompt, inform the local implementation of the epidemic prevention requirements.

It reminds citizens not to go out of Beijing if it is unnecessary in the near future to reduce the flow.

Inter-provincial travel will be suspended, and the team on the way will strengthen epidemic prevention management.

Reduce gathering activities such as large conferences and forums.

Enclosed places such as community chess and card rooms are temporarily closed.

Strict supervision of private clinics, small clinics, and pharmacies.

Strengthen supervision and inspection, and increase the exposure and notification of those who conceal the close history of residence history, fail to report symptoms in time, and prevent and control measures are not implemented.

  It was proposed at the meeting that we must ensure the epidemic prevention services.

All districts are equipped with public health forces, nucleic acid testing forces, epidemic prevention materials and isolation places.

Make good use of the 12345 citizen service hotline, and deal with the epidemic-related complaints immediately.


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