[Commentary] On October 22, in the conference room of the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Mr. Hu from Shanghai and Mr. Fang from Jiangsu Jurong met with their family members. Several "familiar strangers" burst into tears. Orbital.

63 years later, the family finally looked forward to this belated hug.

According to the Shanghai police, this is the longest lost family in Shanghai since the Ministry of Public Security's "reunion" operation.

  Mr. Hu, 63, who lives in Huangpu District, Shanghai, knew that he was adopted by his parents since he was sensible. It has always been his wish to find his biological parents.

However, he has not been found for many years, and Mr. Hu is over sixty years old.

In July 2021, the turning point has finally arrived.

Mr. Hu learned from news reports that the Shanghai police can help citizens collect blood for free, and find relatives across the country.

Through the technique of patrilineal comparison, the Shanghai police found that Mr. Fang and Mr. Hu from Zhenjiang, Jiangsu belong to the same family.

  This discovery made the police very excited. They immediately went on a business trip to Jurong City, Jiangsu Province and found the 69-year-old Mr. Fang and his brothers and sisters.

The oldest of them is 82 years old, and the youngest is 58 years old.

The police conducted a large number of visits to investigate and verify, and at the same time collected blood samples from 6 of the 9 siblings and brought them back to Shanghai for comparison and examination one by one.

  [Concurrent] Liu Yanan, a policeman from the Criminal Technology Center of Criminal Investigation Corps, Shanghai Public Security Bureau

  After two days of difficult reconstruction and repeated check and confirmation, the genotype of the deceased parents was finally successfully obtained. In the kinship comparison, the triplet comparison is the most accurate comparison method.

So we once again compared the genotypes of the deceased parents of Mr. Hu and Fang Mouhe, and finally confirmed that Mr. Hu and Fang Mouhe were siblings of the same father and mother.

  [Explanation] It turned out that in a special age 63 years ago, Mr. Hu's biological parents from Jiangsu were unable to raise many children. When Mr. Hu was about one year old, his adoptive parents in Shanghai adopted Mr. Hu.

Now although Mr. Hu’s biological parents and adoptive parents have passed away for many years, both Mr. Hu and his brothers and sisters in Jiangsu have a desire to "find relatives and reunion." tears.

  [Concurrent] Recognition scene

  At that time the second aunt brought you to Shanghai. At that time, the family was very difficult. First came to my aunt's house, and then to my house, my mother would introduce you to a family.

  [Explanation] The brothers and sisters who had been separated for 63 years were finally reunited. The hugs and tears after 63 years moved everyone on the scene.

The 9 brothers and sisters of Mr. Hu and Mr. Fang expressed their gratitude to the Shanghai police for making up for their family’s 63 years of regret.

  It is reported that since 2021, the Shanghai police have been fully engaged in the "Reunion" operation of the Ministry of Public Security and have so far helped 56 separated families like Mr. Hu reunite.

  Zhang Jian and Li Shuzheng report from Shanghai

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