Accusations of racism chasing Bossi Shalaby, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz's widow, because of "feathers" .. Video

On social media, accusations of racism and arrogance were spread to the announcer, Bossi Shalaby, the widow of the late artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, when she published a video on “Instagram” about her meeting with the heroes of the movie “Rishes” at the El Gouna International Film Festival, where she said: “I say Omar is not a fate.” People in this movie and opening a door to livelihood for a family from Minya, who could not reach the place where we are.”

The story began with a video that Bossi Shalaby filmed with the heroes of the award-winning movie “feathers”, which is shown at the El Gouna Film Festival. Critics’ Award from the Cannes International Film Festival, but spoke about the fate of the heroes that changed after the film was shown, and the sentence and the way it was expressed carried racist meanings and transcends the film’s heroes, as some saw in its entirety a contempt for the film’s heroes and arrogance over them.

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Some also described that sentence as carrying racist meanings and described its owner as arrogance and unprofessionalism, and the artists launched an attack on it through their personal accounts on social media platforms, including those who mentioned personal situations to him with Bossi Shalaby.

The artist, Mohamed Abdel Azim, said through his account on Facebook, “In 2018, I was wearing a check suit from btm for 3000 pounds, which had a large discount, and I was in the shower and shaved me, and one of the film’s heroes, and he refused to make a meeting with me because you don’t know who this is, and when they told her, these heroes of the movie prayed me from above. She turned and said no.

Mohamed Abdel Azim was not the only one who was upset with Bossi Shalaby's video, but also the artist Sarah Nakhleh, who expressed her opinion through her Facebook page and said, "God have mercy on him, but until this moment, you are working on his feeling seriously, may God have mercy on him. .

Nakhla continued, saying, "A bully with little literature and the media is innocent of a broadcaster like you. I don't know what to do and why, there is no form, no logic, no taste, and it is hated. There is a lack of literature that happens, and if it was a new unit emerging, you all would have made a party for it, but of course, no one could say something because he saw it." group of operators.

Sarah concluded her speech by saying, "I'm really sorry that you talk arrogantly and come up with the heroes of the movie, as if she was coming from the Champs Elysees for half an hour, she thought herself seriously."

The artist Hosni Sheta also attacked her, through a tweet to him on Twitter, describing her as inhumane. For one thing, you have no humanity.

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