As the infection situation of the new coronavirus improves and how to resume local activities is an issue, a traditional sumo tournament in which children participate will be held for the first time in two years in Sumida Ward, Tokyo.

Children and management staff who participate in the organizing committee are required to undergo an antigen test by a health center.

In Sumida Ward, Tokyo, where the Kokugikan of both countries is located, the "Wanpaku Sumo" sumo tournament for elementary school students has been held for about 40 years, and is crowded with many participants each time.

Last year, the executive committee made up of local managers canceled the tournament to prevent people from gathering and getting in close contact with each other, but the infection situation has improved. Therefore, this year, we decided to hold it for the first time in two years.

The executive committee will proceed with discussions to create an opportunity for children to enjoy themselves in an environment where they can feel at ease, and the participating children and management staff will undergo an antigen test at the ward's health center on the day of the event and confirm that it is negative. Was made a condition.

On the 22nd, the day before the tournament, the location of the tent and ring for inspection was confirmed in the park, which is the venue.

If the test result is positive, the executive committee will ask you to cancel your participation, introduce hospitals where you can go to see a doctor, and take thorough infection control measures such as reducing the number of children who can participate to less than half of the average year. I have.

Kazuyoshi Harada, chairman of the Naughty Sumo Sumida Ward Tournament, said, "The issue was how to take measures against infection, but I think it would be good if we could gradually resume these local activities with the cooperation of health centers." I was talking.

Health center "cooperate in resuming activities"

The antigen test conducted by the local health center in Sumida Ward at the "Wanpaku Sumo" held for the first time in two years targets about 130 people in the first to sixth grades of elementary school and about 200 people including the management staff.

A tent with an area of ​​about 18 square meters set up in the park of the venue will be inspected by the staff of the local health center in Sumida Ward.

The type used at the competition is to collect a sample from the nose, and the result will be known in about 15 minutes.

In the unlikely event that the result is positive, we have a system in place to promptly go to the hospital.

At the health center, 200 kits to be used at the competition were prepared, and clinical laboratory engineers were preparing to check how to use them.

At the Sumida Ward Health Center, we would like to carry out similar tests at events in which children under the age of 12 who cannot be vaccinated and children with underlying illnesses participate, and cooperate so that local activities can be resumed with peace of mind. increase.

Sumida Ward Health Center Director Toru Nishizuka said, "I think that tests are useful for achieving a good balance between infection control and children's daily lives and learning. Health centers for the healthy development of children's mind and body. I also want to cooperate. "

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