Network literature should be "navigated" by self-discipline

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  Recently, the "Convention on Professional Ethics for Online Literary Writers" was issued, calling for resisting historical nihilism, praising truth, goodness and beauty, and delivering positive energy.

It should be said that this is not only an act of self-discipline in the online literature circle, but also a manifestation of the industry's self-consciousness and self-confidence. It deserves our big praise.

  As a new category of literature, although China's network literature has not developed for a long time, its rapid development momentum and huge scale have attracted widespread attention from the world.

According to the recently released "2020 China Online Literature Development Report", in 2020, China's online literature works will reach 29.059 million, and online literature authors will exceed 21.3 million; the online literature market will reach 24.98 billion yuan, and the number of users will reach 460 million per day. The average active users are about 7,577,500.

It can be seen that online literature not only provides abundant spiritual food for contemporary Chinese people, but also realizes the "literary dream" of many literary creators and enthusiasts, gathers majestic literary innovation and creativity, and reshapes Chinese literature. The contemporary territory has injected new vitality and new achievements into it, and has also opened up new paths and new spaces for the overseas dissemination of Chinese culture.

In this sense, whether and how online literature can continue to prosper and develop is actually an important factor affecting Chinese literature and even the spiritual life of contemporary China.

  At the same time, we should also see that some undesirable phenomena have also appeared under the prosperity of online literature.

From the perspective of creation, it is an indisputable fact that the quality of online literature is uneven.

Among the massive online literature works, there are both excellent works with novel themes and profound connotations, as well as inferior works with random fabrics and crude words.

Some works capitalize feudal superstitions under the guise of fantasy, some use romance as a guise to stuff pornographic privates, some works wantonly tampering with history under the setting of "traversal", discrediting national heroes, and others are indulging in " The niche cultures such as Tanmei and Sadomasochism are satisfied with the description of the turmoil, lack of moral sentiment and practical care, and even break through the bottom line of morality and run counter to public order and good customs.

In addition, the development of online literature theory reviews and creation is uneven, and a large number of new online literature phenomena cannot be studied and criticized in a timely and effective manner, which also restricts the canonization process of excellent online literature works.

  As a category of literature with relatively strong technical attributes, changes in online literature are closely related to changes in Internet technology, and are inseparable from the activities of cultural industry capital.

On the one hand, the development of Internet technology has made new platforms and new styles of online literature creation and reading continue to emerge, which in turn "forces" the update of online literature creation models and techniques; and the introduction of algorithms and other technologies has profoundly changed the Internet. The literary reading and writing relationship not only solidifies readers' tastes and preferences, but also creates a "cocoon room" shackles for creators, intensifying the homogeneity of creation, even plagiarism, and other mistakes in manuscript washing.

On the other hand, driven by the profit-seeking purpose of capital and platforms, trends such as writers’ writing, commercialization of works, consumerization of reading, literary culture, and the flow of evaluation are looming. The attributes of literature are gradually diminished and lost. Literature may fall into a situation where there is "Internet" but no "literature".

  Industry construction and industry management are the proper meanings of modern social governance.

If online literature is compared to a fast-moving train, then industry self-discipline is a solid track laid for it.

Promoting the prosperity and development of online literature certainly requires joint efforts from all sides, but the most critical and fundamental thing is to improve the awareness, ability and level of industry construction in the field of online literature.

The promulgation of the "Convention on Professional Ethics for Online Literary Writers" is undoubtedly an important measure to strengthen industry self-discipline. We believe that as long as the content of the convention is truly transformed into the morality and creative compliance of online literary writers, it will be further promoted. Socialist core values, create a more virtuous and upright environment for the development of online literature, promote the high-quality development of online literature, and allow online literature authors to create more literary works that give people warmth and hope, with a sense of the times and literature. The works lead the social aesthetic trend, better meet the people's cultural needs, and enhance the people's spiritual strength.

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