France is not spared by the epidemic outbreak affecting a large part of Europe.

With autumn setting in, colder and wetter weather, the Covid-19 "like all other viruses" is circulating more, "we expected", notes Olivier Véran.

The Minister of Health admits a "small push" but "not a wave", with 5,000 contaminations identified per day.

Immediate consequence, the number of closed classes rose for the first time since mid-September, while the mask is less and less present in French schools.

1,246 classes were closed this week, against 1,130 last week.

Vaccination of 5-11 year olds is being studied and should allow this figure to fall again, while 3,300 classes were closed at the start of the school year.

The contaminations figure could however be slightly higher than the announced figure.

Since the end of free tests for unvaccinated people, the number of screenings has decreased.

Nevertheless, there is no "increase in hospitalizations as in last fall because the population is massively vaccinated", he notes.

The doctor took the opportunity to again encourage eligible people to make their recall, while the flu vaccination campaign has begun.

"We are at a little over 2 million reminders, we are approaching 100,000 third injections per day, but that is not enough", he insists.


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