Mako, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Akishino, celebrated her 30th birthday on the 23rd.

It is my last birthday as a royal family, three days before my marriage.

Over the past year, Mako has been involved in a variety of activities, including receiving online explanations from experts about the new coronavirus and the mental care of children after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In November of last year, I attended the ceremony of "Rikkoshi no Rei" by Mr. Akishinomiya, and this autumn, I also sent a video message to the opening ceremony of the international pottery festival where I was the honorary president. I received a word.

Mako marries Kei Komuro and leaves the imperial family, but according to the Imperial Household Agency, as a royal family, she has visited various parts of the country at events such as the National Athletic Meet = National Sports Festival and the National High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival, as well as overseas. He has been engaged in many public activities such as goodwill visits to seven countries.

I am deeply grateful to each person concerned and the people who welcomed me locally.

Mako is currently quietly preparing for her marriage, so the celebration of her birthday on the 23rd will not be held as it was last year, given the situation of Corona.

Mako submitted a marriage notification with Mr. Komuro on the morning of the 26th of this month, and the two of them will be attending a press conference on the afternoon of the same day.

Video of walking with my sister Yoshiko The Imperial Household Agency released

On Mako's birthday, the Imperial Household Agency has released a video of Mako walking around the Akasaka Imperial Property, where she lives, with her sister, Yoshiko.

In the video, Mako and Yoshiko slowly walk along the banks of the pond to see the dragonflies flying nearby and the surrounding scenery.

Also, on the bridge over the pond, Mako is chatting with Yoshiko with a smiling expression while the strong wind blows occasionally.

On the 22nd, the Imperial Household Agency has also released a photo of the Akishinomiya family, taken at the Akasaka Imperial Property in July, with a smiling expression.

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