The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has decided to provide 81 new people with medical expenses based on the relief system, saying that it is undeniable that anaphylaxis may have occurred due to vaccination with the new coronavirus.

With the new coronavirus vaccination, if a disorder remains due to a side reaction or treatment at a medical institution is required, it will be covered by the Immunization Law and medical expenses and medical allowances will be paid. ..

On the 22nd, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare held an expert-made examination committee, saying that 81 men and women in their 20s and 80s who had anaphylaxis or acute allergic reactions after vaccination could not deny the causal relationship with vaccination. Was certified as a relief target.

This is the third time that relief certification has been granted for vaccination with the new coronavirus, bringing the total number of certified people to 147.

In addition, based on the vaccine reaction suspicion reporting system, a total of 1255 people were reported by medical institutions by the 3rd of this month that they died after vaccination.

Pfizer had 16.1 people, Moderna had 2.4 people, and AstraZeneca had 0 people per million. I can't. "

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