Halyna Hutchins, director of photography for the western


died on Thursday at the age of 42 after actor Alec Baldwin fired a shot with a film gun on set.

Hutchins graduated as a journalist, but then went into the film world and was regarded as a major talent.

What a director of photography?

  • The director of photography (also called DoP or DP) is the person who works closely with the director and producer during the shooting of a film or series and is involved in every stage of the production.

    In addition to capturing images, the DoP plays an important role in determining the artistic and substantive style of the film.

Hutchins was born in 1979 in Ukraine on a Soviet military base.

She attended university in Kiev and graduated with a degree in international journalism.

In her first job, she worked as an investigative journalist for British documentary productions in Eastern Europe, writes

The Hollywood Reporter.

She was inspired by cameramen like Christopher Doyle and Sergei Urusevsky and decided to go in a different direction.

In order to focus on filmmaking, Hutchins moved to Los Angeles, where she began her career in filmmaking with small jobs as a production assistant and technical assistant.

She also made her first own short films.

Emmy-winning cinematographer Robert Primes advised Hutchins to study at the American Film Institute Conservatory.

She started there in 2013 and two years later she had completed her education.

Her graduation project


was screened at the Polish film festival Camerimage.


Halyna Hutchins' latest Instagram video before death on film set

One of the rising stars

Hutchins was

selected as one of their 'rising stars'

in 2019 by

American Cinematographer





(2020), a mystery thriller by Adam Egypt Mortimer Joe Manganiello in the lead, she was the director of photography involved.

Director Mortimer praised her technical skills in a tweet.

"Halyna Hutchins has a brilliant eye for light and textures."

Hutchins also worked on the police drama


(2020) and the horror films


(2019) and

The Mad Hatter


"She was a fantastic, positive and creative person," her close friend and cameraman Michael Pessah told



"She was so excited to break through and make movies. She was really on the rise."

Halyna Hutchins, ARCHENEMY's DP, has a brilliant mind for light and texture.

Her tastes and sensibility of what is cinematic were a huge asset for executing our style — the grimy but beautiful feeling I referred to as ROMANTIC BRUTALSM.


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