Edvard Munch donated his art to the municipality of Oslo when he died: 20,000 drawings and 1,000 paintings.

- It is the greatest gift an artist has ever given a municipality, says Kristofer Lundström, cultural journalist and presenter at SVT.

But the municipality had a hard time doing justice to the cultural heritage.

The Munch Museum had insufficient security, none of the works in the magazine were registered and thieves both from outside - and once internally - stole precious art.

Kristofer Lundström has followed the long journey to the establishment of one of art history's most important names.

- At first, the Norwegians were not so fond of Munch, they saw his art as extremely provocative in some way.

His very strong women and seeking men did not suit that time.

Then there were trolls in the actual construction of a Munch Museum, it became absolutely awful.

Today, the new Munch Museum opens in Oslo.

- He was an incredibly innovative and productive artist, and it will be fantastic to finally see these works, says Kristofer Lundström.

In the video below you can see the scandals at the old Munch Museum.

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Why did Oslo build a new Munch Museum?

You can see that in the video.

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