Today (the 22nd), the expression of the sky in the east and west was quite different.

In the west, including Seoul, it was sunny, but in the east, it rained loudly, and in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, hail fell for about 10 minutes.

Even now, it is raining mainly in the east coast of Yeongnam.

Most of it will stop early tomorrow morning, and tomorrow we can see clear skies all over the country.

Tomorrow is the last season of autumn.

The weather will be nice, but the daily temperature difference will be huge.

In the morning, it is as cold as today, but the daytime temperature rises to around 20 degrees, so you need to be careful about your clothes.

There will be heavy inland fog until tomorrow morning.

The morning temperature will be 6 degrees in Seoul and 3 degrees in Chungju, but the daytime temperature will be 18 degrees in Seoul, 20 degrees in Daegu and 21 degrees in Busan.

The morning cold will get better next week, but you need to keep an eye on your health for the large daily temperature difference.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)