While Fabien Leceuvre is promoting his new book,

The True Story of Jean-Jacques Goldman's Songs

, he is also questioned about the bad buzz he has caused with his comments about Hoshi.

And it is in the end especially of the singer whom he ends up talking about as on the set of

Touche Pas à Mon Poste


If the host once again presents his "apologies", the artist would simply like him to be silent.

And it was bluntly that she let him know.

“If Fabien Leceuvre wants to sell his new book, he goes to salons or bookstores but stops talking about my physique and his“ slippage ”(a drift at this stage).

That's enough, ”the

Speak for Nothing

interpreter wrote

on Twitter.

And to her publication, she added a passage from the show, which could well be the reason for her nervousness.

Hairpin mounted

Fabien Leceuvre explains that he has never been able to contact the artist to explain himself and that this refusal to dialogue “has been instrumentalized”.

“I called his press officer, whom I know well, by the way.

His manager is apparently also his partner in life and apparently there was a kind of blockade, ”he adds on the set.

After declaring, on the Arts-Mada webradio on April 7, that Hoshi was "brilliant", with "talent", but "scary" and should "give his songs to sublime girls", the author received " 131 death threats ”. "People wanted to slit my throat, open my stomach, cut off my head," he detailed last week in the show

L 'instant de Luxe

 on Télé Star Play. And to denounce the "violence" of social networks, which also regularly costs the singer.

The 25-year-old had already had to file a complaint last year for lesbophobic harassment and threats of death and rape.

She had simply kissed a dancer at the Victoires de la Musique after her stage performance.

Hoshi had previously confessed to having been physically assaulted twice because of her sexual orientation.


Fabien Leceuvre gives notice to Grand Corps Malade after his song in support of Hoshi

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