The six dogs that were trapped by lava flows on the Spanish island of La Palma have been rescued after all.

Unknowns have taken the animals.

That explains why rescuers on standby with cargo drones couldn't find them before.

The Spanish company Aerocámaras, which had been preparing for the rescue of the dogs for days, previously found that they had disappeared.

But a media portal on La Palma published images of a banner that read: "Good luck La Palma, the dogs are fine, A-Team."

The dogs would actually be freed with a cargo drone and a safety net.

They were trapped in an empty water basin.

It is not yet clear who rescued the dogs from their plight, Spanish media report.

According to Aerocámaras, the lava in the area of ​​the water tank still has a temperature of about 160 degrees.

Footprints of people in the ashes can be seen in the video.

The animals have been supplied with water and food for days with drones.


Drones drop food to rescue dogs between lava on La Palma