The lack of personnel is seriously starting to be felt in the hospital world.

The Hospital Federation of France (FHF) said on Wednesday that hospitals and public medico-social establishments were currently recording "an absenteeism rate of around 10%" and "between 2 to 5% of vacant nursing posts" .

A situation "more tense than usual".

"Without being catastrophic, this situation limits hospital activity and does not make it possible to respond to the demand for remedial treatment which arose from the health crisis," said Zaynab Riet, general delegate of the FHF, during a videoconference. Press.

According to the survey conducted by the FHF during the summer with establishments (bringing together in all more than 180,000 hospital civil servants), "tensions are greater in the professions of nurses and specialized nurses".

Up to six weeks to find a replacement

And the situation is proving "more difficult in hospitals than in CHUs, and even more difficult in medico-social establishments". "The vacancies are not necessarily more numerous compared to the previous situation, but they are longer", she detailed. “Instead, for example of waiting two weeks to organize a replacement, it is necessary to wait a month, sometimes six weeks, which obviously is a source of disorganization in the establishment”.

"Recruitment among young professionals out of school is more difficult" and the establishments have "less and less room for maneuver, including on temporary work". "Of the hundred nurses recruited this summer, in October, we already have about fifteen who tell us that they wish to leave before the end of the year", explained Thierry Brugeat, general care coordinator. of the University Hospital of Reims.

"We have shortages, particularly in the specialized trades, Iade and Ibode (intensive care nurses and operating theaters) which today lead us to have recourse either to proposals for overtime for our staff, or to cumulative jobs. -retirement, or in the interim ”.

A new law promulgated at the end of April and which is due to come into force on October 27 provides for a framework for the rates of medical interim.


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