Louise Bernard with Alexis Patri 11:37 am, October 21, 2021

The irreducible Gallic is back in bookstores with a new album.

But he also returns in the 68th album of Reporters Without Borders.

Asterix is ​​joining forces with the non-governmental organization in the publication of its portfolio ritual, the proceeds of which help to defend press freedom.

Double dose of the little Gaul.

The new comic strip

Asterix and the Griffon is 

released in bookstores on Thursday.

But this is not the only news of the famous character.

He is also coming back in an album of a different kind, that of Reporters Without Borders, with the same very popular character on the cover.

Twice a year, the NGO offers a portfolio at 9.90 euros.

All the profits go to RSF and partly finance its actions in defense of press freedom.  

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60 years of resistance against the invader

For this new issue, Reporters Without Borders offers 100 drawings, accompanied by unpublished texts.

Among them, an analysis of the Gallic village of Asterix and Obelix, and portraits of their creators, in particular.

The NGO explains that it chose this character because "for more than 60 years, Asterix has been teaching how to resist the invader over and over again".

There is also a reference to the NGO in one of Asterix's latest albums, 

Le Papyrus de César.

A Gallic activist is described there as a "peddler without borders".

RSF's album, sold for 9.90 euros, is available in newsstands and in bookstores.

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