A few days ago, "Hello Life 3" released a set of posters combining "CCTV boys", indicating that the new program will soon usher in the ultimate team building.

It is reported that this program not only invited Ju Ping, Gangqiang, Wang Guan and other celebrities, but also ushered in Ni Ping, Cai Ming and other "Ke" Sa Bening predecessors, so many eloquent "colleagues" gathered together. , What interesting spark will it spark?

"CCTV Boys" Fit Kanghui Prepares for Inner Mongolia in Heavy Rain

  In front of the background wall of the nostalgic gala, "CCTV boys" were standing with a smile.

Once this set of program posters was released, it attracted the attention of many netizens. They expressed their desire to see their combination, but the program team responded: "It is not easy for a few people to fit together." The dustman arrived at dusk. His attendance made netizens delighted and sighed "It's finally here." Many netizens made up a joke and ridiculed "the tacit understanding of CCTV boys."

  It is understood that the team building of the "CCTV Sky Mission" will be carried out in villages around Beijing.

As colleagues for many years, the interaction of CCTV hosts has also made the audience full of expectations, and the arrival of Ni Ping and Cai Ming seems to herald the beginning of Sa Beining’s "fucked" life. Many netizens said, "I still remember Sabei." The scene where Ning was stunned by Teacher Ni Ping. That scene is really interesting. Teacher Ni Ping must be Xiaosa's "natural enemy". I wonder what happy moments they will have in the upcoming 11th episode?

"CCTV Tiantuan" group building cooking Sa Benin "snatching bamboo shoots" caused panic

  It is reported that during this team building, the host also received a task: cook together.

The difference from previous periods is that the eloquent host does not stop talking even when he cooks. In the Reuters of the previous visit, Sa Beining couldn’t help but ridicule: We cook with our mouths, this It also made many people wonder what happened during the cooking process?

  This time, the program team also privately revealed to reporters that during the cooking process, the hosts kept chatting with each other, which made the scene particularly interesting.

What’s more interesting is that Sa Beining was "spit out" because of his love for others. In this regard, Zhu Guangquan specially gave him a bamboo shoot to show that he "snatched the bamboo shoot", but unexpectedly, he got it. Sun’s Sa Bening turned into a “primary school student” mode and staged shoots flying in the air. This situation immediately triggered a “panic” in the audience. The whole team building was full of joy. In addition, what interesting things there are on the scene, just wait for the show. Announced for you after the broadcast!

  The third season of "Hello Life" is a new youth life sharing variety show jointly produced by the China Central Radio and Television Center's Art Program Center and CCTV Network, and jointly produced by CCTV Network and China Television Telecom. The program runs on Thursday evenings. At 19:30, it was broadcast on CCTV-3, a variety channel of CCTV.

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