China News Service, Xingtai, October 20 (Zhang Pengxiang and Li Tiehui) On October 20, the Office of the Leading Group for Response to the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in Xindu District, Xingtai City reported that 2 exception provinces imported new coronavirus-positive asymptomatic infections (the two have the same track of action) .

At present, centralized isolation medical observation measures have been taken for all traced related close contacts, and various prevention and control measures are being carried out in an orderly manner.

The trajectory of its activities is now announced as follows:

  At 11:55 on October 18, take the 15-car train of Z161 from Beijing to Xingtai.

  Arrived at Xingtai Railway Station at 15:13. After leaving the station, relatives received them from their relatives in Zijingyuecheng, Quanxi Street, Xindu District.

  At 18:00, take a taxi (license plate number: Ji EZ0803) to Guixiangzhai, No.181, Gangbei Road, Xindu District, for dinner.

  Leaving Guixiangzhai at 21:10, take a taxi (license plate number: Hebei EZ2812) to return to the relatives of Zijingyuecheng, Quanxi Street, Xindu District.

  At 16:00 on October 19, they were sent to the isolation point for medical observation.

  I would like to remind the general public that if there is a common activity track at the same time and place, or if you have recently contacted relevant personnel and relevant vehicles in the above-mentioned areas, please report to the township and street where you live as soon as possible to cooperate in prevention and control management and nucleic acid testing. .


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