An employee of the hospital of Montargis (Loiret) challenged this Tuesday before the administrative court of Orléans (Loiret) the obligation of vaccination against the Covid-19 which targets her.

The security guard has been on sick leave for almost a year.

She therefore considers that she is not affected by the need to receive the two doses of vaccine.

The employee however saw her remuneration suspended on September 15, reports

La République du Center


The interim judge's order was due to be issued by early next week.

“The law targets people working in a hospital environment.

However, my client does not have an activity, so she is not concerned!

», Explained the employee's lawyer.

A request from QPC

The defender of the hospital establishment, for his part, put forward a "major public safety issue".

He notably affirmed that the obligation to vaccinate against the coronavirus extended "to an agent on sick leave since, by definition, he is required to one day resume his work".

The lawyer for the security officer also denounced a breach of the principle of equality between citizens.

She seized the judge of summary proceedings on a priority question of constitutionality (QPC).


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