The tragedy of a woman on a Pennsylvania train... the passengers were satisfied with filming the assault on her and no one saved her

A shocking incident sparked a wave of anger and astonishment in America and the world, after a video was circulated of a person raping a woman, who attacked her on a train full of passengers, but no one intervened to save her, despite her great resistance and her request for help, and everyone was satisfied with filming the heinous crime that lasted 40 Accurate.

And the security authorities in the US state of Pennsylvania revealed that train passengers in Pennsylvania used their phones to film the tragic accident, instead of intervening to help it, according to the "Sky News" website.

One of the officials explained that a large number of passengers was enough to save the woman, but all they did was film the accident.

The police chief for the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority said the 35-year-old assailant continued to harass and assault the woman throughout at least 24 train stations.

Police officials said that not a single witness to the attack bothered to call 911 and ask to intervene as the man, believed to be homeless, continued to assault the woman.

The man and woman were seen boarding the train at the same station on the night of the attack, which took place around 11 pm on October 13. The man was initially seen sitting next to the woman and trying to have a conversation with her, but gradually turned aggressive and began harassing her.

A train employee who noticed the incident belatedly called 911 and authorities responded within 3 minutes, The Independent reported.

"I can tell you that people were holding their smartphones in the direction this woman was attacked," said Cepta Police Chief Thomas J. Nestle III.

 "What we want is for everyone to feel angry and disgusted and to be resolute to make the system safer," he added.

The accused man was arrested and charged with rape and assault, and is still being held on bail of $180,000.

He is scheduled to appear in court next week on October 25.

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