Several of the most popular books have run out and now the book industry is preparing for a tough Christmas sale.

- These are some of our absolute bestsellers that are over or starting to run out.

We need to get our deliveries in fairly quickly to be able to satisfy both the bookstore's Christmas sales and autumn sales, says Madeleine Lawass and continues:

- We hope, as there are just over two months left until Christmas, that we will have time to receive books on time.

We are cautiously positive that we will make it through Christmas.

Crowded market

The lack of paper is one of the reasons for concern.

But it is also about the fact that many American printing companies have moved their operations to Europe.

- There are quite a few printing houses left in the USA.

So it has simply become quite crowded on the dance floor.

Everyone wants to dance on the floors of European printing houses, Olle Lidbom, communications manager at Norstedts, tells Kulturnytt.