Men in their twenties and younger can now choose Pfizer because the Moderna vaccine may cause inflammation of the heart muscle in rare cases, but at the venue of occupational inoculation, there is only the Moderna vaccine, and young people are confused. Was also seen.

After vaccination with Moderna, cases of suspected "myocarditis" that causes inflammation of the heart muscle have been reported very rarely in Japan and overseas. I decided to be able to do it.

At Kanda University of International Studies in Chiba City, where the second occupational inoculation began on the 20th, staff members showed a leaflet to male students who visited the venue to inform them of the risks such as myocarditis.

On the other hand, vaccines other than Moderna are not supplied from the national government to the venue for occupational inoculation, so if you want Pfizer, you have to make a reservation again at the local government, and some students are confused. rice field.

A 19-year-old male student said, "I wanted to hit Pfizer, but when it came to rebooking, I hit Moderna because it wasn't convenient for classes, etc. I want the country to hit Pfizer here. It was. "

Fumihiro Kanno, Executive Secretary of Kanda University of International Studies, said, "I received a notification from the government just before the second vaccination in the workplace, so I sent an email to the students, but I'm still worried whether it was enough. I wanted you to teach me a little earlier. "

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