On October 19, 2021 local time, La Palma Island, Spain, the old Cumbre volcano continued to erupt and lava flowed.

According to the latest news from Western Media on the afternoon of October 19, local time, the new lava flow from the volcanic eruption on La Palma Island in Spain has been advancing slowly in the past few hours, and its width and thickness have increased.

Among them, a lava flow in the north of the main cone of the volcano is approaching the beach, only 30 meters from the coast, and is advancing to the coastline at a very slow speed. In the next few hours, it may flow into the ocean and form the second sediment delta since the volcanic eruption. , The harmful gases that may be produced may cause residents in many places to be forcibly isolated in their residences.

At the same time, the lava flow is very close to the central area of ​​La Laguna, and local residents have been evacuated a few days ago.

Release time: 2021-10-20 09:45:31 【Editor: Zhai Lu】

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