Three departments are placed by Météo-France on orange vigilance for strong winds: Finistère, Manche and Morbihan.

The alert will take effect at 4 p.m.

More generally, the weather this Wednesday will be marked by rain and wind over a large part of the territory, according to Météo-France forecasts.

The disturbance arrived the day before by the tip of Brittany will cross the country during the day bringing rain under an overcast sky.

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In the early morning, the rainy zone will stretch from Pays-de-la-Loire to Normandy and Pas-de-Calais, cross Ile-de-France in the morning and then shift north of New Aquitaine in the Ardennes around midday.

In the afternoon, the rains will continue to advance towards the east, increasing in the south-west then the north of Auvergne, Burgundy and the Grand-Est region at the end of the day.

Moderate rains in the south

At the back of the rains, thinnings will succeed in breaking through.

Showers will be more numerous from Brittany to Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

Quickly in the afternoon, the rains will intensify again over Brittany, sometimes accompanied by lightning and a clear strengthening of the wind.

This vast area of ​​unstable rains will then reach Pays-de-la-Loire and Normandy, and finally the entire north-western quarter the following night.

Further south, the Mediterranean sea entrances will be more and more extensive and will give temporarily moderate rains on the relief of the Cévennes, more scattered towards the coast. The weather will be drier in Midi-Pyrénées and the Alps, with the sky becoming increasingly cloudy during the day. The southwest wind will blow over a north-western third of the country with morning gusts up to 70 km / h inland, 90 km / h at the coast. It will be reinforced in the afternoon by Brittany, and the gusts will reach 80 to 90 km / h inland, 100 to 110 km / h on the coasts.

This gale will spread throughout the northwest quarter by the following night.

The south-easterly wind will also be present in the Rhône and Saône valleys, with gusts of 80 km / h, and 50/60 km / h in the Autan area.

Minimum temperatures will be between 8 and 18 degrees Northeast in the Basque Country.

The maximum will reach 17 to 23 degrees in general, up to 24-27 degrees in the Southwest.


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