(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Erenhot City delimits 4 closed areas and 7 controlled areas

  China News Service, Erlianhot, October 20 (Reporter Zhang Wei) On the 20th, the New Crown Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters of Erlianhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued an announcement stating that the city has designated 4 closed areas and 7 controlled areas.

  According to the announcement, in accordance with the requirements of the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism "Notice on Adjusting the Regional Classification Standards for New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemics and Implementing Precise Control Measures" (Guodian Fa [2020] No. 11), Erenhot City is identifying Xilin and Xicheng communities as medium-risk areas. On the basis of this, for the purpose of zoning and grading precise management and control, Huitong Import Logistics Park, Dongxiang Bungalow District of Public Security Community, Mingda Community (East District), and Fenghuafudi Community are designated as closed control areas.

  Connecting Rose Community, Yifu Community, Shengxin Jiayuan, Tongyu Juntai C District, Hualian Commercial Building West Alley Bungalow Area, Inner Mongolia Normal University Erlianhot International College Campus, and north to the Eurasian China-Mongolia business district (including street shops), Areas from Kent Street in the south, Jianshe Road in the west, and Chengxin Road in the east are designated as control zones.

  The other areas of Erlianhaote are guarded areas.

  The announcement stated that the management measures of the closed area are "area closed, no home stays, and service door-to-door"; the management measures of the control area are "no people leave the area, and gatherings are strictly prohibited"; the management measures of the prevention area are "strengthen social control and strict restrictions People gather".


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