After a corona outbreak in the Berlin techno club Berghain, the Clubcommission, the association of Berlin club, party and cultural event organizers, sees no reason for greater concern.

Association spokesman Lutz Leichsenring sees the fact that, according to the authorities, 19 infections were known and 2500 people were contacted as a sign that the alarm is working.

“We believe it is normal.

It is a risk that we now live with, ”Leichsenring told the German press agency on Wednesday.

It therefore depends on the course of the disease.

If it were not about infections, but about severe courses, it would sound different, said Leichsenring.

Everyone has the opportunity to protect themselves from a severe course with a vaccination.

It is about self-determined action.

The outbreak became known two weeks after the first Berghain club night after the lockdown.

The 2G rule applied there, according to which guests must recover or be vaccinated.

The outbreak was not the first of its kind in the district.

A spokeswoman for the district said on Wednesday that infections in the lower double-digit range were also known at other 2G events in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

She couldn't say whether the events were also dance events.

Self-deprecating video

It's not a Berlin phenomenon: In Münster there was a major corona outbreak in a club with the 2G rule, where you didn't have to wear a mask while dancing.

Berghain party-goers were recommended by the district to have themselves tested and, if symptoms occur, a PCR test.

From the club itself there was no comment on request.

The "Berliner Morgenpost" reported on the corona outbreak at the Berghain party.

The famous techno club self-ironically drew attention to the 2G rule with a video.

With the help of travesty artist Ades Zabel alias Edith Schröder, the question of how to get into the club, which is also notorious for its strict door policy (“How to get into Berghain”), was clarified.

According to Leichsenring, the club commission, the umbrella organization of the scene, is in favor of the 3G rule, which not only allows vaccinated and convalescents but also officially tested guests in.

Clubs have a socially connecting role.

According to Leichsenring, it is important that the digital vaccination pass is scanned upon entry, that people check in and out and that nobody goes in with symptoms.

The clubs have also upgraded their ventilation systems with subsidies.

Because of the pandemic, the Berlin nightlife was more or less on a forced break for about a year and a half.

In the meantime, operations are running again at around 70 percent of the clubs, said Leichsenring.

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