Chiba Prefecture has announced that it will lift all requests for liquor serving hours and business hours at restaurants, etc. from the 25th of this month in response to the improvement in the infection status of the new coronavirus.

It also announced that it will resume sales of "Go To Eat" premium meal vouchers.

This was revealed by Governor Kumagai of Chiba Prefecture at an extraordinary press conference on the 20th.

After the state of emergency was lifted in Chiba Prefecture, the "confirmation store", which has taken basic infection control measures with a gradual mitigation period until the 24th of this month, will be served alcoholic beverages by 8 pm and afternoon. We continue to make requests to restaurants, etc., such as requesting shorter hours of business until 9 o'clock.

In Chiba Prefecture, less than 20 people are newly infected each day, and the usage rate of dedicated beds for the severely ill has decreased to 5.6% as of the 19th.

In response to this improvement in the infection situation, Chiba Prefecture announced that it will cancel all requests made to restaurants and commercial facilities from the 25th of this month.

These measures will be taken until the 30th of next month, after which the decision will be made again based on the infection situation.

Governor "Go To Eat" Meal Ticket Announcement of Resumption of Sales from 25th of this month

Governor Kumagai said, "The infection situation is calm now, but the risk of infection has not disappeared. Eat at the store for a short time, avoid deep drinking, and do not reuse tableware and chopsticks. Please take basic infection control measures such as

In addition, it announced that it will resume sales of "Go To Eat" premium meal tickets, which had been resumed only for those that have already been sold, from the 25th of this month.

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