On October 19, 2021 local time, a plane crash occurred in the southern state of Texas in the United States. All 21 people on board survived and two of them suffered minor injuries.

According to information released by the Federal Aviation Administration, at about 10:30 local time on the 19th, a McDonnell Douglas MD-87 aircraft crashed into a field shortly after taking off from Houston Administrative Airport in Houston, Texas.

According to reports, the 18 passengers and 3 crew members on board were safely evacuated. Two of them suffered minor injuries. They were all discharged after being admitted to the hospital for treatment.

The crashed plane caught fire and burned. The smoke produced was visible several kilometers away. It took more than an hour for rescuers to put out the fire.

Image source: Visual China

Release time: 2021-10-20 13:46:18 【Editor: Zhai Lu】