The 24,000-year-old sculpture Venus from Willendorf is a well-known example of prehistoric art that is too equivocal for Facebook's rules.

Vienna's tourist office is tired and is now campaigning for a freer range of art on social media. 

- There are several museums here in Vienna that have experienced that works of art have been picked down.

The Leopold Museum recently celebrated 20 years of art from the last century.

One artwork that was shown was The Love Couple by Koloman Moser from 1913. It was blocked by Tik tok, says Helena Hartlauer on Visit Vienna to SVT.

By creating an account with nude art on the controversial platform Onlyfans, they hope to create a debate about what is okay to show on social media.

Onlyfans is otherwise best known for young women and men posting lightly dressed and pornographic images for paying subscribers. 

Which artist is best suited for Onlyfans?

- Definitely Egon Schiele.

One of the world's most famous and most expensive expressionists.

We have one of the largest collections in Vienna and his paintings are almost always blocked on social media, says Helena Hartlauer.

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