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Teacher Tony's name is He Xianze, 52 years old this year.

Over 30 years ago, despite the objections of his relatives and friends, he forcibly switched from a postman to study hairdressing, and step by step from his master wanted to persuade him to quit, he became the first hairdressing expert in the country to receive special government allowances from the State Council.

The postman forced a change to study hairdressing

  When the reporter met He Xianze at the Wuyi Technical School in Banan District, he was facing a hair model in class and patiently explained the hairdressing skills and essentials to the students.

At that time, He Xianze's hairstyle was not particularly trendy, but he still had some personality-short hair, only the top part of his head was dyed brown.

  After class, He Xianze smiled and told reporters: “I don’t pay attention to myself. I use my hair all year round for the students to practice hands. They make it whatever they look like. Once, I cut half of it and I went to other things. Then someone Seeing my hair asymmetry, I thought it was a new trend."

  He Xianze is a senior training instructor in Chongqing Wuyi Technical School, a hairdressing master in a national skill master studio, and the first hairdressing expert in the country to receive a special government allowance from the State Council.

Although he now has many shining titles, more than 30 years ago, when he wanted to step into the door of the hairdressing industry, it was quite unexpected and bumpy.

  He Xianze is a native of Shuanghekou Town, Banan District. After graduating from junior high school, he became a postman with a monthly salary of 49.5 yuan.

One day when He Xianze was 21 years old, when He Xianze sent the "TV Newspaper" to a hairdresser, he learned that the teacher's daily income could reach 50 yuan, so he became excited and wanted to learn hairdressing.

  Not surprisingly, his choice was strongly opposed by his parents, relatives and friends, but He Xianze did not waver. He borrowed 300 yuan for tuition and began to learn skills from the hairdresser.

  He Xianze later learned that the master thought he was just on a whim, and deliberately doubled his tuition, so that he could quit.

But the master miscalculated, He Xianze became the most diligent shampoo boy in the shop, even if he washed the hair for a while and even his hands were bad, there was no complaint.

Become a recognized "fat" in the industry

  After a long period of study and hard work, He Xianze finally got ahead, opened his own shop and became a busy hairdresser.

At the busiest time, He Xianze made 100 heads a day.

But He Xianze said: "Even though the business is very good, I am still a little confused and feel that I have not found direction and value."

  The turning point occurred in the early 1990s.

Once, He Xianze went to Beijing with his colleagues and tried a free hairdressing training class.

He Xianze learned after the class that it turned out that the level, angle, etc. of the hairstyle must be paid attention to.

  After opening the "gate to the new world", He Xianze wanted to learn more new things.

As a result, he used the money he earned as tuition, and continued to travel to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other developed cities in the fashion industry to learn and learn.

Later, because He Xianze can be seen in hairdressing training meetings of all sizes, his colleagues also gave him a name: Fa Chi.

  He Xianze simply stayed in Beijing to develop after obtaining the qualification of senior hairdresser in 1997.

In 2001, the China Hairdressing and Beauty Association formed the Chinese team, and He Xianze became one of them.

In 2002, He Xianze's Chinese team participated in the OMC World Cup Hairstyle Competition, and finally attracted the attention of all parties with excellent results.

Hairdresser who received State Council subsidy

  After becoming famous, He Xianze was appointed as the judge and expert of the national designated competition and senior competition group, and brought many players to participate in various competitions.

But to his regret, there were no Chongqing players on the field at that time. "I decided to go back to Chongqing to cultivate a group of talents for my hometown."

  In 2003, He Xianze returned to Chongqing.

Since the Internet was not well developed at that time, He Xianze took the initiative to go to the barbershop to teach him experience, but no one knew him, let alone believe his grades and qualifications.

Therefore, He Xianze took a stupid way. He went to various districts and counties, rented hotel conference rooms at his own expense, and started to give free lectures.

Today, He Xianze still insists on holding free lectures, spending almost more than 400,000 yuan.

  In 2011, He Xianze's years of dedication and hard work were recognized by the state. He became the first recipient of the State Council's special government allowance in the hairdressing industry.

It is understood that this allowance is a reward system of the State Council for high-level professional and technical personnel and highly skilled personnel.

In a media interview in 2015, the staff of the Vocational Ability Building Office of Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security confirmed that this title was only owned by He Xianze in the hairdressing industry at that time.

  Today, He Xianze puts more energy and effort on preaching and teaching.

What makes him gratified is that in recent years, his apprentices have repeatedly achieved good results, winning the championship, second and third place in international competitions many times.

"The hairdressing industry is getting better and better, and the future can be expected!" This is what He Xianze once wrote after his apprentice received an award.

Do you want to have a good haircut? Come and listen to his suggestions

  Reporter: You have your own studio and you are also doing hairstyles for customers. What kind of hairstyle do you think is a good hairstyle?

  He Xianze: It is not successful to just make your hairstyle beautiful.

The important thing is that after doing this hairstyle, it makes people beautiful and natural, and it is considered a success.

Such a hairstyle can often modify some small defects of a person's face, magnify the advantages of the face and even the whole person.

In addition, a good hair style should not be short-lived or even one-off. It should be a hair style that can appear naturally after washing and drying the hair, rather than a hair spray and professional care.

  Reporter: How can I make a beautiful hairstyle?

  He Xianze: Some friends would look for a photo of a celebrity from the Internet before doing a hairstyle, hoping that the hairdresser would make the same style for him, but they would basically "turn over" after they made it.

This is because they only considered a good-looking hairstyle, but did not consider whether their facial features, head proportions, etc. were similar to those of celebrities.

Therefore, when going to the hairdressing, we must learn to communicate with the hairdresser and let the hairdresser help us find the most suitable hairstyle.

You can tell the barber your age, occupation, temperament, personality, and the state you want to show the most, and then let the barber comprehensively design a hairstyle based on the advantages and disadvantages of the five senses, skin tone and other characteristics.

  Reporter: You said that some people tend to fall into aesthetic misunderstandings when doing hairstyles. Can you give me a few examples?

  He Xianze: 1. Hairdressing does not have to be perm.

Some people go to hairdressing and think that perming is a must.

But in fact, maybe he is more suitable for natural hair cutting. After perm, the hair is more fluffy, and even the effect of "big head special effect" appears; 2. The color does not consider the skin color.

Some people have yellow skin, greenish under the light, but they must be dyed red. This will emphasize the green tone of the face and make the skin tone more dull; 3. Hairstyles do not consider body proportions.

For example, it is specified that the hair should be cut to the shoulders, but if the neck is stubby and there is a lot of hair, all the hair will accumulate in the neck part, making people look wider and fatter.

In short, if you want to make hairstyles without getting into misunderstandings, don't be too arbitrary and listen to the barber's advice.

  Chongqing Evening News-Upstream News Reporter Wang Wei Photography Report

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