“Today and tomorrow we will still be in the rear of the cyclone, so the weather will be rather unstable.

Advection of cold air will continue, precipitation is possible.

Today the maximum temperature is +4 ... + 6 ° С, the north-west wind is already dense.

On Wednesday night, the minimum temperature in Moscow is -1 ... + 1 ° С, in the region - -3 ... + 2 ° С.

Wednesday afternoon - partly cloudy, light precipitation in the afternoon.

The maximum temperature is +3 ... + 5 ° С.

In the evening gusts of wind can reach 12-15 m / s.

That is, Wednesday will be the coldest day this week, ”said the expert.

According to her, the average air temperature will be 2-3 ° C below the climatic norm.

“On Thursday night the advection of warm air will begin, on Thursday the weather is cloudy ... Friday will be a warm day, with a positive temperature at night and daytime.

The minimum temperature in the city will be about +7 ... + 9 ° С, the maximum temperature will be +11 ... + 13 ° С.

The temperature will be 4 ° C higher than the climatic norm.

But the weather will be quite windy, so we will not feel the actual warmth, ”the specialist added.

She noted that cloudy weather with clearings will remain on Saturday, and light rain is expected in some places.

“The minimum temperature is about + 5 ° С, the maximum - +7 ... + 9 ° С in Moscow, +5 ... + 10 ° С in the region.

In the coming days, we will continue to receive cooler air and the night and day temperatures will drop.

At night we expect +1 ... + 4 ° С, daytime temperature - +2 ... + 7 ° С, "Pozdnyakova concluded.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow on Tuesday, October 19, up to +6 ° C is expected.

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