Yesterday (19th), the first snow came to Mt. Seorak faster than last year for 15 days like this, and the rain and snow were over, but cold air came down after that.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul is 4.8 degrees, which is about 6 degrees lower than the same time as yesterday, while the temperature in Paju is 0 degrees and there are places where the temperature has plummeted to below 1 degree, such as minus 0.5 degrees in Daegwallyeong.

Tomorrow, the morning temperature in Seoul will be 4 degrees, and the day after tomorrow, it will be cold as the morning temperature drops below 5 degrees, mainly inland, until the day after tomorrow.

You should wear it comfortably on the way to work, and be careful not to damage crops from cold damage.

It rained yesterday and the temperature dropped so sharply in the humid atmosphere. Currently, there are places in the inland that are thickly foggy and obstruct visibility.

By daytime, the skies across the country will be clear, and those on the east coast should be careful about safety accidents as there are times when the swell waves rush to the shore.

During the day, the temperature in Seoul is 15 degrees and Cheongju is 16 degrees, so it will be a little chilly during the day.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin) 

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