Actor Kim Seon-ho, as his name suggests, was an actor who was loved by the public for his good image. The sad and bright youth shown in the KBS entertainment program '2 Days & 1 Night', and the tsundere charm and pure love of Han Ji-pyeong's character in the tvN drama 'Startup' captured the hearts of many female viewers.

In particular, the recently ended tvN drama 'Gae Village Cha Cha Cha' has raised his popularity to a peak. He played the role of 'Chief Hong' Doo-sik, who runs to solve anything that happens to anyone, anywhere, and won immense viewers' love as the male protagonist of 'the best output' that can come out of the romantic comedy genre. Kim Seon-ho ranked first in the topic of drama performers category, proving himself to be the hottest actor these days.

Fans who 'prefer' Kim Seon-ho are increasing rapidly, and the movement of the industry looking for him has also become busy. About 10 companies including food, cosmetics, clothing, and distribution used him as an advertising model. He also has a solid acting ability, and love calls have been pouring in, and he is scheduled to appear in movies 'Sad Tropical', '2 O'Clock', 'Dog Days', and has already predicted a full schedule until 2022.

However, an unexpected and fatal scandal broke out. Starting from the night of the 17th, when the last episode of 'Gae Village Cha-Cha-Cha' was aired, Kim Seon-ho went from being a 'favorite' actor to an 'unfavorable' actor in one morning.

That night, in an online community, an article titled 'I am accusing the double and shameless reality of the popular actor K' was posted. Writer A, who revealed that he was actor K's ex-girlfriend, complained that actor K forced an abortion and pretended to be married, saying, "He is in a state of severe mental and physical trauma due to his subhuman behavior."

It wasn't just this. Mr. A claimed that he used to curse the people around him, including the director, writer, and actor he worked with, saying, "People think that all people are good, but there is no conscience or guilt." He also said, "The opponents also judged them based on their appearance, saying that they were not in their own style, and they evaluated that the roles of the other actors and actors were not very good, and that they were outdated. (After) In an interview, they were very sweet (expressive), but it was disgusting." He even revealed his humanity.

After Mr. A's article was published, the entertainment industry was turned upside down. There was a lot of speculation about who actor K was, and a voice doubting him came out saying that some clues left by Mr. A pointed to Kim Seon-ho. In the meantime, a YouTuber who used to be a reporter from the entertainment department uploaded a video mentioning his real name, saying, "K is Kim Seon-ho," and the wave got bigger.

Kim Seon-ho's name was covered in news and his name was mentioned in various online communities and SNS, but after the night of the 17th, when the first revelations were posted, Kim's agency, Salt Entertainment, was quiet. Representatives from the agency, Kim Seon-ho himself, avoided contact from reporters and remained silent and unanswered. Meanwhile, the sensitive advertising industry was the first to move. From the afternoon of the 18th, brands that had used Kim Seon-ho as their model responded quickly by erasing Kim Seon-ho's face from SNS one by one and changing the appearance advertisement video to private.

At around 9 am on the 19th, after a day and a half of controversy, the situation in which the announcement of the position can no longer be delayed, the first official position from the agency was finally released. However, the position presented by the agency was somewhat ambiguous.

Salt Entertainment apologized, "I'm sincerely sorry for not being able to give you a quick stance." "He said. In the end, it was the principle of 'checking the facts'. For a position that came out after two nights, there was neither positive nor negative, and it was a position where the kernel was completely missing.

Kim Seon-ho already became a 'popular actor' last year when he was popular with '1 Night 2 Days' and 'Startup'. was advancing. The figures of '10 advertisements' and '3 next films only' are great achievements that are comparable to most top stars.

However, due to the unexpected privacy controversy, it was inevitable that Kim Seon-ho's image would be damaged. Whether it is true or not is to be determined, but for a male celebrity, abortion-related scandals can be fatal just to get involved. In addition, the part where I cursed my co-stars from behind and treated them pretentiously from the front is more sensitive because it can lead to a personality controversy.

Because Kim Seon-ho's image was so good in the past, the shock that the public already received just by being involved in such an unsavory scandal is huge. There are a lot of fans who complain of a sense of betrayal, saying that the heart that was comforted by the director of 'Gae Village Cha Cha Cha' has returned with a deep wound.

Now, I'm curious about Kim Seon-ho's position, which he will show 'after understanding the facts'. Such a belated response, which announced the first position two days after the first controversy arose, will only make the situation worse. To prevent further image decline, a quick, sincere, and if an apology is needed, a statement of position backed by a sincere apology is needed. For the public who cheered and supported Kim Seon-ho, that is the minimum courtesy.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae) 

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