One of the most luxurious hotels in the world has decided to open its doors to a wider audience.

Tours of the Burj al Arab, located in Dubai, have been offered to those who wish for 100 dollars since this Friday, reports CNN relayed by



“The spotlight is really on Dubai,” said Andy Nichilson, director of the “Inside Burj al Arab” experience, referring to the World Expo to be held this year in Dubai.

“It seems like the perfect time to open up one of the city's icons to visitors.


#InsideBurjAlArab is a new 90-minute guided tour that allows you to discover Burj Al Arab Jumeirah like never before.

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A ceiling of 21,000 Swarovski crystals

On this 90-minute tour, participants will first be treated to a buggy ride over the 340-meter bridge that separates the mainland from the private island on which the hotel is built.

Tourists can then enjoy a glass of rose water before discovering the royal suite.

Anecdotes and sketches of the architect will be presented to clients of this original experience so that they better understand the history of this extraordinary building.

Visitors will have the chance to walk on the marble floor or to discover the 24-carat gold tiles that adorn the showers.

The Burj al Arab is a real gem.

Its ceiling is made up of 21,000 Swarovski crystals which represent the Milky Way.

The establishment is so luxurious that it offers no rooms but only huge suites.

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