Zhang Heng received a fine of 32.27 million today for the simple reason that he helped Zheng Shuang to evade taxes.

From negotiating with the producer to split the remuneration and disguising as "capital increase", to negotiating with Zheng Shuang to set up a collection company and provide a capital increase contract, to multiple reminders, Zhang Heng's help to Zheng Shuang's tax evasion can be punished at most in accordance with the law. The fine was equal to the amount of Zheng Shuang’s tax evasion. Taking into account Zhang Heng’s report on Zheng Shuang, the final fine was determined to be three-quarters of Zheng Shuang’s tax evasion.

From Zheng Shuang, who evaded taxes, to Zhang Heng, who helped evade taxes, two tickets told all practitioners in the entertainment industry to consciously fulfill their tax obligations.

Editor in charge: [Li Jun]